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BVRC Novice Show, Sat 26th Aug
Entries limited to members and friends.  Schedule awaiting publication.

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Member Photos

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The Committee

The five principal officers of the club are named below. Please feel free to get in touch by phone. You can contact the Chairman by telephone or email.

Chairman Lindsay Hills 01264 772388 nag[at]
Vice Chairman & Teams Susie Pool 01980 671523 rein[at]
Secretary Susie Pool 01980 761523 net[at]
Membership Celia Scott 07770 995235  celiascott70[at]
Treasurer David Matthews 01264 323478  

Other committee members and their contact details are as follows. Please feel free to get in touch with anyone – they will be very pleased to hear from you.

Committee Members

Clifford James  
Fiona Webb 07783 421181
Helen Nash-Steer MFH 07719 476576
Kim Male 01264 355625
Lynn Mead 01962 843327
Melanie Prince 01264 335445
Meredith Baker  
Ros Kershaw 07887 792730
Val Goode  
Victoria Smith 01264 730706