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BVRC Hunter Trials, Sun 29th Oct
Hunter Trials to be held at popular Larkhill course.
Heights 75cm, 90cm & 1m, Pairs classes.
Riders 16 years or older.

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Entries close on Sat 21st Oct

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Philippa Thatcher riding Master Stanley 2016 BRC National Novice Horse Trials Champions 2017 Area Horse Trials - 100 Qualifier 2017 Hot Cross Bun Ride

Be Fair & Caballine Points


Be Fair & Caballine Awards 2016
The Be Fair trophy and a year’s membership is awarded to the member attaining the most points in competition throughout the year.
Rosettes are presented to the top ten members.

The Caballine Trophy and Caballine Rose Bowl together with free membership are awarded to the members donating the most hours helping at club competitions throughout the year.
Rosettes are presented to the top four committee members and the top ten non-committee members.

Be Fair
Congratulations to Sandra, who was the winner of the Be Fair Trophy in 2016, after a close fight with fellow team member, Frances.

100 members gained competition points this year (full results below). Congratulations to everyone who made an appearance on the points board The number of members gaining points is indicative of quantity and diversity of competitions we are able to run throughout the year.

Each point equates to one hour helping at competitions. Over 950 hours work were amassed this year and that excludes all the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs and help given by non-members, family and friends.
78 members appeared on the awards list after helping at club events.
Thank you to you all. The club could not survive without your help or that of your nearest and dearest.

Many congratulations and thanks to Sandra who yet again has proved it is possible to compete and help and will be awarded the Caballine Trophy.

Ros is the recipient if the Caballine Rose Bowl for the highest place committee member.

Susie Pool also put in many many many hours, but as last year’s winner is excluded from the competition.

  Be Fair  
1 Sandra Groves 109
2 Frances Hall 106
3 Helen Nash-Steer 78
4 Jenny Cox 63
5 Graham Marshall 59
6 Lisa Leighton 55
7 Katie Gould 54
8 Katey Cuthbertson 52
9= Rebecca Darke 40
9= Tommie Gross 40
  Caballine – Committee
1 Ros Kershaw 49
2 Victoria Smith 47
3 Val Goode 39
4 Helen Nash-Steer 32
  Caballine – Non-Committee
1 Sandra Groves 57
2 Fiona Gregory 31
3 Jemma Manders 22
4 Lindsay Devine 21
5 Linda Clarke 19
6 Abigail Lamb 18
7 Celia Scott 16
8 Emma Saunders 15
9 Dee Hodson 13
10= Graham Marshall 11
10= Laura Saxon 11
10= Rebecca Darke 11


BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Results 2015