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BVRC Novice Show, Sat 26th Aug
Entries limited to members and friends.  Schedule awaiting publication.

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Blenheim RC Challenge

The Riding Club Team Eventer 100 Challenge is a very popular grass-arena-based competition, held in the Bladon Arena, over a testing course of show jumps and cross country fences with an optimum time for completion. The team with the lowest cumulative score are the winners, but there is also an award for the most stylish rider.

BVRC normally enter a team for the 100cm Challenge. The team is chosen from suitably qualified combinations from the club often (but not exclusively) those who have competed in the Horse Trials teams, due to the need for combinations with good form at BE100 level.  Neither riders nor horses may compete in any of the other Blenheim Challenges in the same year.

New for 2015, Blenheim started a 90cm Challenge also, held in an arena adjacent to the International Cross Country course on the high ground south of the water.  Clubs may only enter one of the competitions and horses may not compete in more than one of all the Challenge competitions (ie RC, PC, BE at the different heights).

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2015 rules