Newsletters 1968-1980

Early Newsletters were produced using a typewriter on foolscap size paper.
Reproduction using an A4 scanner necessitated topping, tailing & doctoring.

1980 Newsletter November 1980 BVRC AGM
Election of new Chairman
Newsletter September 1980 Dressage with Jumping at Bluebell Farm, Penton
First BVRC One Day Event & London & South East Novice Q
Newsletter June 1980 Good Friday Mock Hunt
Dressage at Amport
Rutherford Stud Mrs Mackie lunging unbroken 2 year old for racing
No teams to be entered in Area Q’s (distance)
Newsletter March 1980 Annual Quiz
BVRC Prix Caprilli
Film Evening
Newsletter February 1980 BVRC AGM at Penton Village Hall
BVRC Year to run from October at the behest of BRC
Newsletter January 1980 London & South East Novice Horse Final at Wellington EC
BVRC Christmas Social
1979 Newsletter Autumn 1979 Grade I & II success
London & South East Area Novice Team SJ
Area SJ, Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Jumble Sale
Dressage Demo Lady Craddock
Talk on Endurance Riding by Mrs Gormley
Newsletter February 1979 Annual Social at Penton Village Hall
1978 Newsletter October 1978 Gymkhana at Kimpton
Dressage & Jumping at Amport
Newsletter August 1978 Area Dressage, Prix Caprilli, SJ & EJ at Alderholt, Fordingbridge organised by BVRC
Newsletter June 1978 BVRC Prix Caprilli
Film evening ‘The Art of Good Feeding’ from Spillers
Grade I, II & III success
Newsletter April 1978 Jumping demo by Cathy Hart
BVRC AGM at Tedworth House
Film evening ‘The Right to Choose’
Horse Riders Evening at Tedworth House with guests
Lucinda Prior-Palmer, Meriel Tuffnel, Hugh Thomas & Mike Tucker
Peter de Cosemo weekend course with film ‘British & German Dressage’
Good Friday Mock Hunt from Cross Belts
Newsletter January 1978 Combined Training at Kimpton
Demo ‘You the Rider’ by Peter de Cosemo
Club Film & Slide evening at Chute Forest House
Christmas Social at Penton Village Hall
Membership news from Head Office
1977 Newsletter October 1977 Silver Jubilee Gymkhana
Film evening at Tedworth House featuring Caroline Bradley
Grade III & IV exam demo
Shoeing demo by Kurt Linssner
Grade II & III success
Newsletter August 1977 Visit Shalbourne Stud
BVRC Midsummer Revels at Lock’s Drove
Mrs Mackie demo ‘Breaking & Training a Young Horse’
BVRC Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
25th Anniversary of Riding Club Affiliation Scheme
Newsletter May 1977 BVRC Good Friday Paper Chase
BVRC Hunter Trials at Lock’s Drove
Newsletter March 1977 Novelty Indoor Jumping
BVRC Social at Tedworth House
Film ‘First Aid for Horses’ at Tedworth House
Grade I & II success
Prix Caprilli inter club friendly
1976 Newsletter December 1976 Film on Hunting at Tedworth House with Col Heaton Ellis
Film evening at Tedworth House Dressage
Shoeing Demo with Kurt Linssner
Clipping demo
BVRC Hunter Trials
Newsletter October 1976 Picnic Ride
Herridge Stud visit with Mr Kilpatrick
Visit Myalls Saddlery
Area ODE
Newsletter August 1976 Film ‘The Event Horse’ with Lucinda Prior-Palmer
Plaiting & Pulling demo
In Hand Judging
Lungeing by Sue Hatherley
Instruction Sue Hatherley
Visit Miss de Beaumont at Shalbourne Stud
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
BVRC Oreinteering in Collingbourne Woods
BVRC Hunter Trials at Locks Drove
Newsletter January 1976 Talk by Shena Kozuba Kozubska ‘Breaking ond Schooling a young horse up to specialisation point’
Talk on Feeding by Cathy Hart
Grade I & II instruction
Garde III & IV instruction by Sue Hatherley
1975 Newsletter December 1975 Talk David Burgess (vet) ‘How not to kill your horse’
BVRC Annual Dinner Dance Bere Hill House Hotel with speaker Hugh Thomas
Newsletter October 1975 Tent pegging
Newsletter May 1975 Bulk Fodder Scheme
Stud Visit Miss de Beaumont at Shalbourne
BVRC Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Newsletter March 1975 BVRC AGM Annual surplus £58
Newsletter January 1975  
1974 Newsletter December 1974 Horseman’s Evening at Tedworth House with Hugh Thomas, Fred Welsh, Toby Balding & Sir William Beale
BVRC Annual Dinner Dance Bere Hill Hotel Speaker Major Glendenning
Newsletter October 1974 National SJ Championships
Newsletter September 1974 Area Qualifiers
Newsletter March 1974 BVRC AGM
Newsletter January 1974 BVRC Annual Dinner Dance at Bere Hill House Hotel speaker Col Heaton-Ellis
Dick Stillwell instruction Tidworth Indoor School
Film on ‘Fox Hunting’ at Tedworth House British Field Sports Society representative General Halford
1973 Newsletter October 1973 Area ODE & SJ
All inclusive RC activities
Prix Caprilli & Jumping Derby
Dick Stillwell instruction
Newsletter August 1973 BVRC Dressage, Prix Caprilli & SJ
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Newsletter July 1973 BVRC AGM
BVRC year move to January
Talk on ‘The Riding Club Movement’ by Mrs Fairfax, the Southern Area representative on the Riding Club Committee
June activities curtailed by cough
Newsletter April 1973 Lecture Mr DA Watson on horse’s backs
National Camps at Goodwood & Larkhill
Newsletter February 1973  
1972 Newsletter December 1972 BVRC Hunter Trials
BVRC Annual Dinner Dance At Tedworth House with speaker Dick Stillwell
‘The Competitors’ film presented by John Spencer
Newsletter October 1972 Success Area Prix Caprilli & Dressage
National Championships report & successes
Newsletter August 1972 Clean sweep at Area competitions, Horse Trials & Show Jumping
First BVRC teams to qualifier for Championships
Newsletter July 1972 BVRC AGM
Grade III passes
Guests through year: Mary Gordon Watson, Lucinda Prior-Palmer & Col Frank Weldon
Newsletter March 1972 BVRC Library
Dressage, whips may be carried but not at Championships
National RC Camps – Larkhill & Goodwood
Jennie Loriston-Clarke visit
Newsletter January 1972 Crash Hats for XC introduced
David Burgess (vet) talk
Pat Burgess SJ lesson
1971 Newsletter November 1971 Annual Dinner Dance at Rothsay. Speaker Prof Gordon Lugg
HOYS – RAPC Prince Philip, Ringwood RC Quadrille
Talk Col Frank Weldon
Grade I & II
Newsletter September 1971 Evening with Mary Gordon-Watson
Newsletter July 1971 Area SJ
Area Horse Trials
Newsletter June 1971 AGM. Bank Balance £52. Annual loss £37
Trip to HOYS
Bath & West pageant
Area Dressage at Tidworth
Newsletter April 1971 Team SJ against RAPC & Tedworth PC
1970 Newsletter December 1970 Area Horse Trials
Club Dinner at Rothsay
National Hunt Forum
10 way to Kill a Riding Club
Newsletter August 1970 Area SJ
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Newsletter June 1970 BVRC AGM at Tedworth House Surplus £40
Membership of Tedworth House for socials & meetings
Two separate Area AJ competitions – finals at Hickstead & Stoneleigh
BRC Grade I & II passes
Instructors to be paid £2, compulsory cost 3 shillings
Newsletter January 1970 Number of Members 89
BRC National Championships
1969 Newsletter September 1969 BRC Area SJ & Championships at Hickstead
Use of facilities at Tidworth
Instructors to be paid £1 1s per session – voluntary cost 2/6d
Newsletter June 1969 BVRC to organise BRC Area SJ competition
First Dressage & Prix Caprilli Area Qualifier
First BVRC member to qualifier for BRC National Championships
Roy Southey qualifies for Golden Horseshoe Ride
Newsletter March 1969 BRC Area 17 Liaison Committee established
Start of BRC Area 17 Qualifying Competitions
1968 Newsletter November 1968 First Team to represent BVRC in One Day Event Area trial
BRC Grade I exam
First UK mounted orienteering competition
First BVRC Hunter Trials
Newsletter July 1968 Monthly Instruction Tidworth Indoor School
BRC Area 17 Liaison Committee being set up
1967   BVRC affiliation to National Riding Clubs Movement
1966   BVRC Founded