Newsletters 1981-1990

Early Newsletters were produced using a typewriter on foolscap size paper.
Reproduction using an A4 scanner necessitated topping, tailing & doctoring.

1990 Newsletter October 1990 BVRC Hunter Trials at Wonston Manor
Newsletter August 1990 Area Show Jumping
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
BVRC Combined Training at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Purchase of club caravan
Newsletter June 1990 Dressage at Leckford Hut
Charity Show Jumping at Faccombe
Dressage & Prix Caprilli evening at Castle Farm
One Day Event at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Area Horse Trials
Newsflash May 1990  
Newsletter April 1990 Dressage at Cholderton
Newsletter March 1990 Show Jumping at Cholderton
Newsletter January 1989 Show Jumping at Cholderton
1989 Newsletter December 1989 Skittles evening
Newsletter November 1989 BVRC AGM at Weyhill Fair. Surplus £626 Assets £2722
Newsletter September 1989 Outbreak of Equine Flu
Events cancelled
Newsletter August 1989 Top Score Final at Bath & West
Newsletter July 1989 Area & BVRC ODE at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Charity Show Jumping at Faccombe
Q for Top Score with final at Bath & West
Area Show Jumping
Newsletter April 1989 Outbreak of Equine Herpes
Riding & Road Safety success
Newsletter March 1989 BVRC Quiz
Indoor Show Jumping at Cholderton
Dressage at Cholderton
Inter-Club Quiz
Newsletter February 1989  
1988 Newsletter December 1988 Skittles at Eagle Inn, Abbotts Ann
Newsletter November 1988 BVRC AGM
Newsletter September 1988 National Championships Show Jumping at Stoneleigh
National Horse Trials Championships at Everdon
Riding Club Horse Competition at Castle Farm
Newsletter July 1988 Area Show Jumping & EJ
Non-Q Novice SJ
Area Horse Trials
Newsletter June 1988 Area Dressage
BVRC ODE at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Newsletter Spring 1988 Indoor Dressage & Indoor SJ at Larkhill
Inter club Quiz
Newsletter May 1988 BVRC Dressage
SJ Painting
1987 Newsletter December 1987 Instruction at Wylie with Shena Kozuba-Kozubska
Instruction with Elizabeth Peerless at Tidworth Indoor School
Skittles at Eagle Inn, Abbotts Ann
Newsletter Winter 1987 BVRC AGM at Weyhill Fair
BVRC 21st Birthday Party at Middle Wallop
Newsletter September 1987 Area Horse Trials
Non-Q Novice Horse Trials
National Horse Trials Championships, Everdon
Newsletter July 1987 BVRC ODE at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Riding Club Horse & BBQ at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Area Dressage, Prix Caprilli, Show Jumping & EJ
Newsletter April 1987 Dressage at Cholderton
Talk by Clive Hambin (vet)
Film World Championship Three Day Event at Gawler
Newbury Races outing
Instruction at Chattis Hill with Shena Kozuba-Kozubska
Newsletter March 1987 Skittles at Queen’s Head, Ludgershall
Wine & Cheese party at Middle Wallop
Instruction weekends at Chattis Hill with Shena Kozuba-Kozubska
Pat Burgess Day
1986 Newsletter December 1986 Demo by Margaret Chipperfield introducing wide variety of ponies/horses/zebroid & chimp
Newsletter November 1986 National Championship Show Jumping
Fun Ride at Farley Mount
BVRC AGM at Weyhill Fair Surplus £397 Balance £1822
Newsletter August 1986 RC Horse & BBQ at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Area ODE
SJ Painting
Area SJ at Middle Wallop organised by BVRC
Newsletter May 1986 Talk at Weyhill Fair by Lindy Heaver (vet)
New Trent Park Novice SJ Q
Instruction Day at Tufton Warren
BVRC Combined Training at Bluebell Farm, Penton
First presentation of Florin Cup
BVRC Sweatshirts
Newsletter March 1986 Christmas Party at Shipton Bellinger
BVRC Indoor SJ at Cholderton
Talk by Rodney Bennett on Managing Horse Paddocks
Instruction Day at Cholderton
1985 Newsletter December 1985 BVRC 2 Indoor SJ at Cholderton
Skittles at Queen’s Head, Ludgershall
Newsletter November 1985 Combined Training at Middle Wallop
BVRC AGM at Poplar Farm Inn
Programme Autumn 1985  
Newsletter Autumn 1985 National Championship Prix Caprilli & Show Jumping
Newsletter August 1985 RC Horse & BBQ at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
National Championships Q – 4 teams 1984 & 1985 previous 1978
Demo ‘ How to Ride a Dressage Test’ by Shena Kozuba- Kozubska at Cholderton
Summer Disco at Kimpton
Newsletter June 1985 BVRC Combined Training
Area SJ & EJ
Newsletter April 1985 BVRC ODE at Larkhill
Start of Be Fair Competition
Inter club Quiz
Newsletter March 1985 Lucinda Green Evening at Fiesta Hall
with Badminton film, history of Regal Realm up to Olympics
Talk on Showing by Betty Skelton with shoe ring anecdotes
Newsletter February 1985 Area Flu Vaccs
Dressage to Music introduced
BVRC Dressage at Cholderton
Newsletter January 1985 Talk by Clive Hamblin (vet)
Visit Ian Balding’s Racing Yard conducted by John Mackie
Christmas Party at Kimpton
1984 Newsletter November 1984 BVRC AGM at Poplar Farm Inn. Surplus £3 overall £681
BRC Horse Trials Championship, Hampton-on-the-Hill
Jumble Sale
Talk SJ Course Building by Maurice Ashley, also appointed Chairman of Area 17
Newsletter September 1984 Area ODE success at Stocklands, Liphook
National Championships EJ
BVRC SJ at Middle Wallop
Cancellation of Events
Newsletter July 1984 Area Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Area SJ 3’9″/4’ & EJ
RC Horse & BBQ at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Newsletter May 1984 Founder, David Packman, obituary
Commemorative Trophy
BVRC v RA Skittles at Orcheston
Jumble Sale
Ride & Tie
Pub Ride Goodworth Catford to Longstock
Superstars Team Competition
Informal Team ODE
Dressage, CT & SJ at Tidworth
Newsletter March 1984 Election of President
Grade I & II success
Talk Bob Cull (vet) on circus animals
Instruction with Caroline Noddong-Scott
BVRC Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Donation of Highland Fling Dressage Cup
Purchase of Show Jumps for club
Newsletter January 1984 Christmas Party at Queen’s Head, Ludgershall, skittles
Tack Social evening
1983 Newsletter December 1983 Talk by Marie Stokes, Chairman of Riding Clubs
Newsletter October 1983 BVRC AGM Surplus £65 overall balance £435
Superstars Competition
Newsletter September 1983 Area SJ fences 3’9″ & 4’
Newsletter July 1983 Area Horse Trials, Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Grade I & II success
Pub Ride Penton to Cross Keys, Chute
RC Horse & BBQ at Bluebell Farm, Penton
Newsletter May 1983 BRC Conference including discussion on height of fences for ODE & SJ
Good Friday Paper Chase
BVRC Dressage & Prix Caprilli at Amport
Film Evening
Newsletter March 1983 Talk ‘Paddock Management’ by Hugh Crooks from Sparsholt
First Aid from St John’s Ambulance
Stable Management Course
Newsletter January 1983 Christmas Party at Queen’s Head, Ludgershall, Basket meal & skittles
Talk/demo at Poplar Farm Inn – ‘Fun with Wine’ by Dave Roberts
1982 Newsletter November 1982 BVRC AGM £26 loss Balance £370
Only 50 members
Long Distance Ride
Salisbury Plain Ride led by Sam Hart. BBQ provided by Dave Roberts
Newsletter September 1982 Superstars Competiton with ridden & non-horsey events at Amport
Newsletter August 1982 Pub Ride from Lock’s Drove to Cricketers at Tangley
Dressage & Jumping at Amport
Area Dressage & EJ
Newsletter June 1982 Car Treasure Hunt
Dressage & EJ teams entered at Area
No Prix Caprilli, Show Jumping or Horse Trials (Horsham)
Newsletter April 1982 Talks at Poplar Farm Inn
First Aid by St John’s Ambulance
Lindy Heaver – Training & Life as a Vet
Greg Stokes, Whipper in for RA Hunt, on hunting
Racing yard Visit to Toby Balding
BVRC Dressage & Prix Caprilli
No Triathlon or Mounted Orienteering
Newsletter January 1982 Talk on BFSS by Robin Mackenzie
Basket Supper
Trip to Newbury Races including Hennessy Gold Cup
Instruction with Charlie Micklem
1981 Newsletter November 1981 BVRC AGM – Surplus £42 overall balance £363
Pub Ride from Bluebell Farm to Cross keys at Chute
Newsletter September 1981 Area ODE
BVRC Novice Horse Trials at Kestrels, Chattis Hill with
London & South East ODE & SJ Q
East Woodhay Ride – 4miles 50 jumps, lunch & tea with Dave Roberts
Newsletter July 1981 BVRC Prix Caprilli & Dressage with Jumping at Chattis Hill
Area SJ, Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Newsletter April 1981 BVRC Dressage & Prix Caprilli
Talks at Poplar Farm Inn
Eric Myall on Saddlery – making & buying advice
Charlie Micklem on Buying a Horse for Eventing
Stephen Gay on Making Furniture & Preserving Antique Furniture
Newsletter January 1981 BRC Competitions teams of three, no individuals