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Be Fair & Caballine Points

Be Fair & Caballine Awards
The Be Fair trophy and a year’s membership is awarded to the member attaining the most points in competition throughout the year.
Rosettes are presented to the top ten members.

The Caballine Trophy and Caballine Rose Bowl together with free membership are awarded to the members donating the most hours helping at club competitions throughout the year.
Rosettes are presented to the top four committee members and the top ten non-committee members.

No awards will be made in 2020
Points accrued in 2020 will be carried forward into 2021

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2020/2021 at 310721

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2020 at 301120

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2020 at 150320

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2019

Be Fair 2019
Congratulations to Kay, who was the winner of the Be Fair Trophy by a wide.

80 members gained competition points this year (full results via the link above). Congratulations to everyone who made an appearance on the points board.  The number of members gaining points is indicative of quantity and diversity of competitions we are able to run throughout the year.

Caballine 2019
Each point equates to one hour helping at competitions. Over 1100 hours work were amassed this year and that excludes all the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs and help given by non-members, family and friends.
81 members appear on the awards list after helping at club events (full results above).
Thank you to you all. The club could not survive without your help or that of your nearest and dearest.

Many congratulations and thanks to Susie who will be awarded the Caballine Trophy again, after a year’s gap.

Rosie Mathias is the recipient if the Caballine Rose Bowl for the highest place non-committee member.

Victoria and Sandra also put in many hours, but as last year’s winners are excluded from the competition.

  Be Fair  
1 Kay Pogson 139
2 Katie Mortimore 84
3 Fiona Scott 65
4 Petra Ingram 64
5 Frances Hall 61
6 Tommie Gross 60
7 Liz Chamberlin 44
8 Molly Martin 42
9 Helen Vernon 41
10 Louise Parr 39
  Caballine – Committee
1 Susie Pool 53
2 Fiona Webb 36
3 Ros Kershaw 29
4 Juanita Coulson 23
  Caballine – Non-Committee
1 Rosie Mathias 35
2 Dee Hodson 33
3 Fiona Gregory 31
4 Ella Birch 26
5 Sue Baker 25
6 Linda Clarke 23
7 Meredith Baker 21
8 Brenda Harman 20
9 Frances Hall 17
10 Annie Rae 16

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2018

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2017

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2016

BVRC Be Fair & Caballine Points 2015