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BVRC-PhysioDemo1.JPG 2017 Hot Cross Bun Ride Lucinda Green at Aldon 2017 Area Horse Trials - 90 Qualifier

Festival of the Horse Qualifiers & Championships

These classes are qualifiers for the BRC Festival of the Horse Championship.  Where there is a team of 4, it is the best 3 scores which count.  Teams may be Senior or Junior.

The Challenge consists of a timed show jumping course followed immediately by a cross country course without a pause.  As a result, both courses are ridden in cross country attire with body protectors and medical armbands being compulsory.  The show jumping may include a “skinny” fence and is likely to include an off-set double.  

2018 Challenge Qualifier at Larkhill on Sunday 22nd April.

Qualifier for Max heights Speed (SJ, XC) Individuals Application form
Challenge 80 SJ: 75cm XC: 80cm 325 m/min, 435 m/min Yes  
Challenge 90 SJ: 85cm XC: 90cm 325 m/min, 450 m/min Yes  Application Form
Challenge 100 SJ: 1m XC: 1m 325 m/min, 475 m/min Yes  Deadline 23/3/18


The Combined Training is where members ride a dressage test, and later the same day ride a show jumping course.

2018 CT Qualifier at Crofton Manor on Friday 30 March (Good Friday).

Qualifier for Dressage Tests Max SJ Height Teams of 4 Individuals Application form
Combined Training HT 90 Q

HT 100 Q



2 ride the HT90 test + 75cm SJ

2 ride the HT100 test + 85cm SJ

Yes Application Form

Deadline 2/3/18


Please refer to the BRC rule book for eligibility criteria for each qualifier