Combined Qualifiers & Championships

These classes are qualifiers for the BRC Combined Championship at Aston le Walls.  Where there is a team of 4, it is the best 3 scores which count.  Teams at 70 and 80 must be Senior or Junior, at 90 and 100 they may be a mix.

The Challenge consists of a timed show jumping course followed by a cross country course, sometimes immediately without a pause.  As a result, both courses are ridden in cross country attire with Blue label 2018 body protectors being compulsory for 2024.  The show jumping may include a “skinny” fence, an off-set double, or alternative fences.  

2024 Challenge Qualifier will be at Moreton EC on Sunday 7th April 2024.

Qualifier for Max heights SJ/XC Speed (SJ, XC) Individuals Application & Deadline
Ch 70 70cm 340 m/min,
400 m/min
Ch 80 80cm 340 m/min,
435 m/min
Yes Online Application
Ch 90 90cm 340 m/min,
450 m/min
Yes Deadline:
Ch 100 100cm 340 m/min,
475 m/min
Yes Fri 8 Mar

XC Speeds depend on the area used.  For small arenas the speeds are between 340mpm and 375mpm depending on the class height.  In large arenas, the speed is 375mpm for all classes.  The speeds above are used for proper XC courses, as used by Area 17 at Moreton. 


The Combined Training is where members ride a dressage test, and later the same day ride a show jumping course.

2024 CT Qualifier at TBC on TBC.

Qualifier for Dressage Tests Max SJ Height Teams of 4 Individuals Application form
Combined Training BD  Prelim         

BD  Novice 



2 ride different Prelim tests + 70cm SJ          

2 ride different Novice tests + 80cm SJ

Yes Online Application
Deadline: TBC

There area also classes for individuals only riding the Prelim test with 80cm SJ or the Novice test with 70cm SJ.

Please refer to the BRC Handbook for eligibility criteria for each qualifier