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BVRC Unaffiliated Dressage, Saturday 17th April 2021
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BVRC Unaffiliated Horse Trials, Sunday 16th May 2021
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Entries close on Saturday 8th May

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Dressage Qualifiers & Championships

There are several team dressage opportunities, including Riding Tests and Dressage to Music.  In all cases where there is a team of 4, it is the best 3 scores which count.

2020 Winter Novice Qualifier at Sparsholt on Sunday 6th October 2019.

2020 Winter Intermediate Qualifier at Crofton Manor EC on Saturday 21st March.

2020 National Championships Qualifier at Hurn EC, nr Bournemouth Airport on Sunday 19th July.

2020 Dressage to Music Qualifier at Woodington EC on Sunday 16th  August.

  Qualifier for Tests Teams of 4 Individuals Pairs Application form & Deadline
Winter Novice Championships One Prelim
One Novice
2 Prelim & 2 Novice per team Yes, any test  No Passed Deadline 
  Intro  No Yes  No  
Winter Intermediate Championships One Prelim
Two Novice
One Elementary
1 rides Prelim test
2 ride different Novice tests 
1 rides Elementary test
Yes, any test  No  



Online Application

Deadline: Fri 21 Feb


  PYO: Medium &/or Adv Med  No Yes  No  
National Championships          
– Senior Prelim  One Prelim 4 ride different Prelim tests Yes  No  
 – Senior Open  Three Novice
One Elementary
3 ride different Novice tests 
1 rides Elementary test
 Yes  No Online Application
 – Pairs  One Novice Pair  No  No  Yes for all classes
 – Junior Indiv Elementary  One Elem  No  Yes  No  
 – Senior Indiv PYO  Medium &/or Adv Med  No  Yes  No   Deadline:
 – Riding Test  One Prelim RT
One Novice RT
 2 ride the Prelim test
2 ride the Novice test
 Yes  No  Fri 19 Jun
 Dressage to Music  Prelim (juniors only)
PYO: Medium/ Adv Med
 No  All individuals.
Novice  is split; with & without points.
 Novice test – May be a mix of a Junior & a Senior Online Application



Deadline: Fri 12 Jul 

 Quadrille*  Freestyle to Music  Team of 4 wearing costumes  No  No  

*BVRC has not previously entered this competition and has no experience in producing a suitable performance.

At the National Championships, there are also classes for Veteran Horses, Veteran Riders and Teams of Four where the whole team rides the test in the arena at the same time. These are direct entry classes so no qualifiers are held.

Please refer to the BRC Handbook for eligibility criteria for each qualifier