Equine Influenza Vaccinations

Up to date Equine Influenza Vaccinations are required for all Area Qualifiers and BRC Championships and will be checked prior to competing.  Full details can be found in the BRC Handbook and a simple explanation is given on the Area 17 Website here

An important point to note is that there has been a change of the rules for the intervals between the 1st three vaccinations for those started (or re-started) on or after 1 January 2024. The chart below gives the details:

Intervals between vacsIntervals between vacs
1st Vaccination (V1)BEFORE 1 January 2024ON/AFTER 1 January 2024
2nd Vaccination (V2)21-92 days after V121-60 days after V1
3rd Vaccination150-215 days after V2120-180 days after V2
BoosterNot more than 1 year apartNot more than 1 year apart