Showjumping Qualifiers & Championships

There are 3 team show jumping opportunities, plus Combined Training.  In all cases where there is a team of 4, it is the best 3 scores in each round which count.  Unless specified below, teams may be Senior or Junior, not a mix.  For the Championships, all are 2 round competitions where each rider jumps both rounds, with the exception of the Style Jumping, which only has one round.  The 2nd round is a single phase course in 2 halves; the first half may be 5cm bigger than the 1st round, and the second half 10cm bigger than the 1st round and against the clock.  There are various options for running the SJ Qualifiers, including a single round competition, or the above.

2024 Winter Novice and Intermediate Qualifiers at Crofton Manor on Sunday 18th February.

2024 National Championships Qualifiers at Moreton EC on Sunday 25th July.

Qualifier for:  Heights  Teams of 4 Individuals Application form
 Winter Novice Championships:        
70 70-80cm Seniors/Juniors.   Yes Online Application
80 80-90cm  Seniors/Juniors.  Yes Deadline: Passed  
 Winter Intermediate Championships:        
90  90-100cm  Seniors/Juniors.  Yes Online Application
100  100-110cm This may be a mix of Seniors and Juniors.    Yes Deadline:
 105  105-115cm  This may be a mix of Seniors and Juniors.    Yes Passed
 National Championships:        
 70 70-80cm  Seniors/Juniors.  Yes  
 80 80-90cm Seniors/Juniors.  Yes Online Application
90 90-100cm Seniors/Juniors.  Yes  for all classes
100 100-110cm This may be a mix of Seniors and Juniors.  Yes  Deadline:
 105 105-115cm  This may be a mix of Seniors and Juniors.  Yes Fri 21 Jun
Style Jumping 75cm or 85cm Seniors. Two members ride the 75cm course and two ride the 85cm course. Yes  


Please refer to the BRC rule book for eligibility criteria for each qualifier.